Teaching Students How To Think Critically, Through Interactive and Immersive Course Offerings.

Courses That Maximize The Benefits of Homeschooling.

Text Books And "Lecture-Only" Education Aren't A Great Way To Learn - Let Alone Retain Information. Our Courses Lift Burdens From Homeschooling Parents And Energize Students. We're Turning Genuine Education Into An Intense Adventure!
Jeffrey Hoffmann, Founder
The Spring 2018 courses are fast approaching, but there is still time to sign up! Simply register for your course and you will be granted access to the member area for that course. We look forward to being a part of your family's homeschooling experience! 
Creating high quality courses is not a task for one person, alone - especially when there is a live component to so many courses. Our instructors are successful business professionals, current and former college professors, tenured teachers, and dedicated artists. Click on above to learn more!

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Real Schooling's Pedagogy:   
  • Teach For Mastery Real Education Means Retention
  • Critical Thinking Learning How, Not What To Think 
  • Challenging Courses Building Academic Strength 
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