A Good Education Has Almost Nothing To Do With Memorizing Information.  
A Good Education Prepares The Student For Life.
RealSchooling Podcasts And  Blogs Focus On: 
  •  Stop Trying To Do It All: Parents and students need to understand that we CANNOT do it **all** ... Well, at least not if we want to maintain our sanity. We need to pick and choose where we spend our energy.
  •  Refocusing Without Panicking: Sometimes, we have to change course. This does not mean that we should panic. Much like the two words written in a large, friendly, font on the cover of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy," our advice to you is - "Don't Panic."
  •  Higher Order Thinking: Teaching students how to engage in multi-step thought processes in all areas of life.
  •  Educating For Success: Discovering how each of us defines success, so that we can take purposeful steps towards living a fulfilling life.
  •  Reality Checks: Providing real insight into what life is like when your profession is _________. 
  •  Perspective: Encouraging students to take a bird's eye view of the world, so that they may better understand the complexities of life.

For hundreds of years, the educational system has focused on indoctrination over independent thinking.

Homeschooling families have begun the process of redefining education. It's time to finish the job and redefine success within education. It's time to define our own goals, instead of allowing society to tell us what our goals should look like.  
Jeffrey Hoffmann, Founder
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Real Schooling's Ethos:   
  • Teach For Mastery Real Education Means Retention
  • Critical Thinking Learning How, Not What To Think 
  • Encourage Objectivity Opinions are subjective; facts are not
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